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Board of Directors

Donald Bulea

Founding Board Member & Chair of the Board
Doni is an attorney around town, and he has been a volunteer at Brite every year. He earned his law degree here in town at Cleveland State University’s Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, and joined the Brite Winter team in 2012 to make sure that we have all our i’s and t’s, dotted and crossed.

Emily Hornack

Co-Founder & Chair of the Programming and Marketing Committee
Emily is a founding member of the Brite Winter team. She was born and raised in Cleveland, left for a while, then came back home to stay. She’s a graduate of Case Western Reserve University and works at MetroHealth. She also serves on the Board of Choral Arts Cleveland and the Planning Committee for the Heights Music Hop.

Damon Taseff

Chair of the Finance Committee
Damon is currently a Principal at Allegro Realty Advisors in Cleveland, Ohio. Additionally, he consults and provides strategic solutions for organizations that need counsel with their real estate portfolios. He currently serves on a number of boards including the Campus District Inc., St. Augustine Health Ministries and Brite Winter. Today he resides in Ohio City living with his wife Ashley, and their three children, Alta, Mather and Case. When possible, he prefers music in the background.

Loren Anthes

Chair of the Legal and Governance Committee
Loren is a health policy geek and consultant with the Center for Community Solutions, a non-partisan think tank established in 1904. He received his undergrad from Ohio University and his MBA from Baldwin Wallace. He joined the Brite team in 2017 and, when he's not standing over a grill obsessing about barbecue and promoting the glory of life in Cleveland, he volunteers with a number of local and state organizations.

Brandon Fairless

Brandon lawyers by day and takes advantage of everything Cleveland by night. While originally from Canton ,OH, he has become an adopted son of Cleveland after earning his law degree at Cleveland State University's Cleveland-Marshall College of law. As a newbie to the Brite Winter team, he will provide legal advice to ensure Brite Winter continues to be one of Cleveland's premier music festivals. He will also make sure we have all our j's dotted in addition to the i's and t's.

Archie Green

Cleveland, Ohio native Archie Green recently joined Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland (MOCA Cleveland) as the Community Engagement + Programs Manager. Archie is also an advocate for mental health, having himself been diagnosed with clinical depression in 2014. He is no stranger to Brite, having performed three years including becoming the first hip-hop artist to perform on the main stage at Brite '17. Green has also served on the Brite Programming Committee for the past two years and looks at Brite Winter as one of Cleveland's premier music festivals celebrating artists from our very own backyard and beyond.

Lauren Kotmel

Chair of Development Committee Lauren is the Community Manager for Yelp in Cleveland and brings her development and marketing expertise to Brite. Lauren started as a Brite volunteer early on and you have likely bumped into her around town for a show. She also proudly serves on the Selection Committee for The Cleveland International Film Festival and The Womens Council of The Cleveland Museum of Art.

Krista Macomber

Krista, born and raised in Cleveland, moved to New York City to pursue her career in television production. After 15 years, Krista realized she needed to boomerang back to (the greatest city) Cleveland. Krista is currently producing events and managing marketing for a Cleveland organization. Krista found Brite still living in NYC and knew she would somehow be involved. When Krista finally made the move, she reached out and Brite welcomed her with very open arms. Krista’s Brite resume includes volunteer, Co-Volunteer Coordinator, and Development Committee member.

Morgan Passek

Morgan is proud Cleveland native who is passionate about art, music, and enriching the Cleveland community. She is a marketing professional in the Cleveland area with experience in social media marketing and event management. Morgan came into the Brite Winter scene as a marketing committee member in 2015 and joined the board in 2016 spearheading marketing and social media efforts. You can also find her getting messy at the Brite community art workshops.

Jimmy Harris

Board Member Emeritus
Jimmy is a founding member of the Brite Winter team and got his Ph.D. at Case Western Reserve University. He is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, but returns to Cleveland any chance he gets for Brite-related business.


Brian Horsburgh

Executive Director
Brian was named Brite Cleveland’s first Executive Director in October, 2014. He was born and raised in Cleveland and works on a number of events around Cleveland.

Emily Appelbaum

Art Director
Emily graduated from Yale University with a degree in architecture and is newly returned to Cleveland from the San Francisco Bay Area, where she helped make places awesome through collaborative design, large-scale public art, earthshaking events and outreach to underserved communities. She also wrote, edited and designed for the late, great San Francisco Bay Guardian, and is currently working as Program Director at Ingenuity Cleveland.

Mariah Becker

Festival Coordinator
Mariah is a Toledo native and has called Cleveland her home since 2015. She joined the Brite Winter team in 2016 and helps with the coordination of many other local, non-profit events with Spindrift Management.

Music Liaisons

  • Candi Fresca
  • Brent Kirby
  • Jason Patrick Meyers

Committee Members

In addition to our board, we owe a big thanks to our volunteer committee members for their hard work in the areas of music & art programming, marketing, development and volunteer management.

  • Craig Bulea
  • Kevin Byrnes
  • Randy Crider
  • Billy Davis
  • Kayley Gallagher
  • Niki Giglio
  • Archie Green
  • Jul Green
  • Robin Heinrich
  • Andrew Kaletta
  • Hattie Kotz
  • Brent Lewanski
  • Ryan Manthey
  • Mike McMahon
  • Bob McNulty
  • Chad Miller
  • Maria Nosse
  • Todd Sheppard
  • Libby Treu
  • Jonathan Wehner