Thaddeus Anna Greene

CLE Clothing Co. Stage at Loren Naji Studio & Gallery **Performance Time: 12:00am**
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Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Thaddeus Anna Greene is a young blues man hailing from Cleveland’s east side. At the age of 14, he spent hours upon hours locked in a room, teaching himself to play the guitar, cutting his teeth on the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jack White, and The Black Keys. He has cultivated the zeal and ability to create a refreshing, daring and rebellious encyclopedia of music. His psychedelic blues/rock tapestries and fervid voice capture a time when life was melancholy amongst chaos, reminding us what it sounds like to feel.

Greene came along side drummer Anthony Foti and bassist Matthew Augusta in the beginnings of 2011, providing a rhythm section that flaunts a grounded presence of power, melody, and a painfully satisfying groove. The band wrote, recorded, and released Directory of Thieves that summer. The band played with one another a total of twelve times before tracking.

The trio grew into a fourpiece in June of 2013 when Ryan Augusta joined the band to support with rhythm guitar and background vocals, providing a reinforced foundation and added vocal color.

This quartet displays a grounding and presence that is not commonly found among youngsters these days. They simply make music worth believing in, reminding us that there are few things more powerfull than a good groove, and that rock and roll is still alive and well.