Interview: Texas Plant

“Roll the dice and shoot to kill” Texas Plant implores you on “Smiles”, a 2013 release that fits between their other tales of gin-soaked barroom nights (and days) and prison blues. A repertoire of dirty folk and dark Americana, Texas Plant is a bluesy amalgamation of punk lore and back road storytelling bluster. We talk to Texas Plant about their influences and plans for a full-length.

Texas Plant plays the Ohio City Stage at 6:30 p.m. — See the entire line-up and schedule here.

“The low rent, the cheap beer, the high culture, and the endless possibilities.” – Matt Leeb on the finer qualities of Cleveland.

There’s a storytelling element rooted in this type of music and that narrative’s a big part of everything you’ve released over the last year, especially songs like “Old News” and “Little Jimmy”. Can you tell us a little about your songwriting process?

We try to write stories rooted in our experiences that we hope people can identify with. Danny, Gavin and myself each write lyrics for the parts we sing.

You formed this past year. Can you tell a little about how you got together? 

We’re five musicians who are friends and happened to play music together. We all come from different musical backgrounds and Texas Plant is the result of that.

You’ve released a succession of singles over 2013. How has the way you write as band developed from “Little Jimmy” to “Reefer Blues”? Any plans for an album?

How we write music has pretty much stayed the same , everyone has complete creative control. Each of us writes so really any one of us can introduce an idea. Over time we’ve become better at working together.

And yes, we are releasing an album this year! We’ve finished recording and the record should be available this spring.

What’s been one of your favorite places to play live?

A: It was fun to play at Now That’s Class with Days n’ Daze acoustically and playing on the street.

What’s your favorite material to play live?

“This Country” and “Big Ol’ Gin” — anything that brings people to the dance floor.

Whenever the band gets together, what do you listen to that always seems to make its way back into rotation?

We all have different tastes in music — anything from Duke Ellington to Hank Williams. We’re all really into the Artifacts’ “Between a Rock and A Hard Place”, that’s a great record. “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath is cool too.

What’s your dream collaboration?

GG Allin or J.S. Bach would be awesome.

What’s your favorite thing about Cleveland?

The low rent, the cheap beer, the high culture, and the endless possibilities.

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