Play It Again. Playing It in the Flats

Everyone has those few albums they have played over and over. They are those songs that resonate on some deeper level, bring you back to a certain place and time, and remind you of who you are and who you want to be. Places can be like that, too. For Brite, it’s the Flats.

Brite Winter started as an idea: that Clevelanders didn’t want to hibernate through the entire winter; places could be something different than they had always been.   We chose the Flats as our birthplace seven years ago. It’s a place full of competing and complementary ideas: industry and environment; entertainment and hard work; decline and rebirth. It fit. It was a fitting home.

When we moved to Ohio City, it provided amazing partners, successful businesses, and friendly neighbors. The neighborhood bought into building a new Cleveland winter, and Brite grew because of that cooperation. We are forever grateful to Ohio City for the last five years, especially since many of you joined the Brite parade because of Ohio City.

Now the next phase of Brite: back to where it started. Like those favorite songs, the Flats still speak to us. We can’t help but play it again. The Flats are a different place than five years ago, but it still has that unique mix of beauty, industry, and Cleveland that landed Brite there in the first place. We hope you’ll rediscover this totally Cleveland neighborhood with us.

Of course, there are practical reasons for our move, too. We’ve been listening to concerns about crowded venues, parking challenges and long lines. We also know that keeping Brite free and accessible is important to all of us. Moving back to our roots allows us to address these concerns, making your Brite experience even better.

Some things will be different, but many things will remain. We are ecstatic to continue to present the best of local, regional, and national independent musicians. The Flats presents a new challenge to artists, and we are excited what ideas will pop into reality. Most importantly, we’re still just a bunch of Clevelanders, inviting you to come outside in the winter and play.

So, this February 20th, join us on the West Bank of the Flats. We’re ready to play it again.

All of us at Brite_

p.s. – We hope you’ll join us tonight at McCarthy’s to celebrate the news. You can see Nonaphoenix perform a free concert, and maybe pick up some Brite swag and some concert tickets. Here are all of the details you need. See you there.