Brite Winter 2017 Artist Spotlight: Daddy Long Legs Homegrown Revival

Written By: Emily Appelbaum

Davidione Pearl is the driving force behind Daddy Long Legs Homegrown Revival, which weaves a unique tapestry of musical genres from all corners of the earth, supported by live performance artists onstage. From world funk, Latin, Reggae, Americana, and Gospel, the group draws together music, dance, storytelling and mythology, making for an unforgettable, immersive experience.


Give us a brief overview of your work. How would you describe what you do?

I seek to bridge all arts, in constant rediscovery of the heartbeat that unites them: rhythm, composition, texture – the overarching muse.

What is your favorite thing about being an artist in Cleveland?

After a decades long wait, our sparks have finally ignited as one fire, and the subsequent accessibility and potency of the bloom, as the nature, size, and population of the city makes it such that nothing gets drowned out or over saturated. The cost of living too – the affordability here helps out a great deal.

What is a recent milestone you achieved in your work?

I’m beginning to partner more with the community, and looking toward working with my local development corporation as an artist coordinator who can help source, develop, and contribute more vibrancy and connectivity in our neighborhood.

How has Cleveland – the weather, the city, the people – affected your outlook?

Born and raised, yet years ago I would have said that those things jaded me. Now they inspire. It helps that the city is revitalizing in so many unique ways throughout the food service sector, tens of thousands are now living in and around downtown, and city politics are far more on board in supporting all level artists than ever before. I love this clever, scrappy, little rust-belt town.

You have worked with artists from all over to develop your sound and aesthetic. What have you learned from working with people whose practice and environment seem so different, and how has it influenced the work you do here? And how are you bringing that to our Luminous Winter Luau?

I have volunteered with puppeteers and musicians from Trinidad. They always seem to carry that humble Caribbean sun in their heart wherever they go at all times, a soft gentle unspoken reminder that every little thing is truly going to be alright…

What’s your favorite thing about the cold?

How ‘Brite’ it gets!

What’s the best thing about being an artist in Cleveland?

Grassroots collaborations. Building relationships now and knowing an even bigger future bloom is most certainly on the way that will call and cultivate our collaborations into continued partnerships well into a spirited future.