Winter Fun: SantaCon 2011

Santa Claus is coming to town a bit early this year and bringing 99+ of his friends in red with him. Saturday, December 17 the event SantaCon will unleash more than 100 merry Ho, Ho, Ho-sters dressed in red on Ohio City for a holiday tour de beer and spirits! This herd of Santas is governed by four straightforward rules:

  1. Be jolly (an obvious one for the over-indulgent, merry-making big guy).
  2. Get more Santas---The more the merrier!
  3. Dress in red---A costume is a must although it doesn't matter if your red suit is the real deal, or pajamas plastered in cotton balls and marshmallows.
  4. Bad Santas need not apply---Those up for a lump of coal in their stocking can go ahead and stay home.

According to Aaron Erb, whose official SantaCon title is "Santa #1," there are more than 250 cities around the world that do SantaCon. Last year, the YoyoSyndicate a local event company that hosts SantaCon and Dr. Sketchy Anti-Art School among others, decided Cleveland should join Santa's friends in the festivities.

Now in its second year, Erb, CEYo of the YoyoSyndicate says he expects the event to grow.

"If we have only half the people who say they might come, we should be two to three times as many Santas as last year," he said. "Next year I think we may be large enough to spread our wings and consume even more of the city with SantaCon Joy."

Grab a hat, a beard, pull out that jolly laugh and add another Santa to the mix. Join the SantaCon lads and lasses as they make their jolly way around town and find out more by visiting the facebook event,