3 Big Changes in 2012

Some things change, some things stay the same. We’ve been hard at work the last couple months to connect great ideas to make this year very special. If you’ve been watching the pages of this site go up, you already know the details about what we’re changing… there is a lot, but in general there are 3 big changes to Brite Winter Festival, one of them is listed at the top of the page. You can’t miss it.

1.) Moving to Ohio City
Brite Winter Festival, began as a pop-up city event, which had the goal of gathering people in under used spaces, (like Hart Crane Memorial Park) encouraging them to explore and see new opportunity. As the festival grows and we welcome a larger and broader audience to join us, our focus is still to continue encouraging exploration but we also want to increase accessibility and opportunities for community collaboration.

Moving to Ohio City puts us right in the middle of a lot of action. The West Side Market, Great Lakes Brewing Company, ABC Tavern, Garage Bar, Joy Machines Bike Shop, Dragon Fly, Old Angle, Souper Market, Bier Markt, BON BON, Market Garden Brewery, Room Service, Flying Fig, Touch Supper Club, and many more wonderful establishments are right there within walking distance. When you’re cold and need to warm up you’ll be a moment away from indoor hospitality. When the outdoor festivity winds down, you can keep the evening going with more music and lights at any number of amazing places to be. Being in close proximity also makes it possible for more indoor music and programming to happen, as all of the area businesses are invited to participate in Brite Winter Festival in their own way, and become an Official Venue, marked on the map and listed in our program guide.

To truly celebrate winter, we want to make more to do, and bring more people together to do it. Ohio City is where things are going down in 2012.

2.) Making Music Even Bigger
Take a look back at the 2010 line up and the 2011 line up and you’ll notice more music, after this year, it’s going to seem like a trend. Officially, we’ll only have one stage which will feature 4-5 groups outside near a few giant bon fires, but we are working with businesses located near the outdoor festival grounds to host as many acts as we can possibly afford.

We’re also working with The Beachland Ballroom to connect with artists outside the region to join us for this year’s festival. We can’t announce any details about artists, though we will roll the line up out as soon as things are official. Most of the bands will be local, regional and awesome, though we’re looking around for some national bands tough enough to play the chilly Brite Winter Fest rostrum. Feel free to make suggestions in the comments, send us an email, or direct Bands to send us their press kits

3.) Adding More Lights
We’re very proud to be working with GE lighting to create and even brighter Brite Winter Festival in 2012. Their contribution to the festival will afford our design communities at The Cleveland Museum of Art and The Cleveland Institute of Art, to create beautiful lighting displays to ignite our celebration and mark our festival grounds. Their will be more announcements to come on how the displays will be created and who will be creating them.

Please feel inclined to share this news, and help us create an amazing event this year!