#Brite2020 | Out of Town Bands

Every year, Brite Winter aims to highlight musical talent from across the country. For our 2020 festival, out-of-towners include rock band Ra Ra Riot, alternative group Mush, and electronic dance artist, Wave Magnetik.

Ra Ra Riot

Coming from fellow cold-weather snowbelt city Syracuse, New York, Ra Ra Riot is fresh off their European tour. Vocalist Wes Miles, bassist Mathieu Santos, guitarist Milo Bonacci, violinist Rebecca Zeller, and drummer Kenny Bernard combine indie rock with chamber pop to create an eclectic and upbeat sound that has been keeping fans moving since their 2006 debut. Ra Ra Riot’s staying power can be attributed to their willingness to experiment with instrumentation and ability to adapt to change as they lost some and gained other members over their 13-year history. Their 2019 release, Superbloom, is an exploration of the various styles Ra Ra Riot has championed over their 5 albums, ranging from baroque-like arrangements to driving synth pop rhythms.

Why we’re excited: A Check for Daniel, the final song on their latest album, combines a driving drum beat with synth and guitar riffs that will have us jumping and doing air guitar at the CoverMyMeds Stage at 10 PM.


Hailing from two sides of Lake Michigan – Chicago and Grand Rapids - Mush will be performing their off-kilter pop jams at Brite Winter on February 22. Their latest release, “Thank You, We’re Mush,” combines punk-like vocals and guitar for a sound that is reminiscent of the early aughts.

Why we’re excited: “Shirt,” off their latest album, is a two-and-a-half minute ode to the author’s favorite shirt that has seen him through a variety of adventures. Come have your own adventure with Mush at the Ports Petroleum Stage at 9:40 PM.

Wave Magnetik

Heavily rooted in jazz, Wave Magnetik, aka Donald Malloy, is a producer and trumpeter based in NYC. He combines EDM genre productions such as Future Bass, Dubstep, and House with his trumpet to create a blurred line between electronic dance music and America's classical music.

Why we're excited: Malloy brings a vibrant energy and life to any party! His latest single, "Lying on the Sky", released in 2020 is a song you want to sway to. Don't miss him at midnight on McCarthy's Stage.