#Brite2020 | 5 Bands New to Brite

Take Off Charlie. - Akron, OH
4:15 PM on Ports Petroleum Stage
In 2013, Take Off Charlie. took off, showing the Akron music scene their refreshing take on Indie Rock. Shortly after their debut, they released their first album, which launched their performance career.
The group consists of five members, Sean Charles on lead vocals, Austin David on lead guitar, Michael Robert Glen on bass, Leah Mack on drums, and Drew Wheeler on the keyboard. Additional incorporation of synth elements and audio engineering give Take Off Charlie. a diverse sound profile.
Their most recent album, “I Was Born to Float,” was released April 5, 2019, nearly five years after their debut album. Take Off Charlie. attributes the success of their most recent album to their hiatus, in which they dedicated all of their efforts to creating a well-crafted masterpiece.
The album’s hit single, “Believe Me, Son,” brings exactly the type of energy that Brite Winter promises its audience.

Aphiniti - Cleveland, OH
6:25 PM on Ports Petroleum Stage
Aphiniti is a bold and outspoken recording artist from Cleveland, Ohio. Known for her ability to effortlessly freestyle, her music is a smooth blend of Hip-Hop lyricism and eclectic soul vibes.

Aphiniti’s music is largely characterized by the social commentary she provides. Her primary mission is to help local artists that may lack financial or creative resources turn their dreams into a reality.

Aphiniti's appearance on Sway in The Morning and her latest Music Video for “Wake Up!” have her taking on the issue of millennials and social justice. The Wake Up Campaign created by Shooting Without Bullets and INDI Media caught wind from Cleveland Votes and the Late Great Hip Hop artist Nipsey Hussle.

Aphiniti is currently spearheading her first solo tour starting November 2019 and will be touching 12 cities over the course of 12 months. Needless to say, Brite Winter is thrilled to have her join their 2020 lineup.

The Cordial Sins - Columbus, OH
7:30 PM on Ports Petroleum Stage
A unique mixture of alternative, shoegaze, and pop, The Cordial Sins exude style and verve in every performance. Co-founders Liz Fisher and Corey Dickerson started the group in Columbus, Ohio back in 2016 and were later signed to Diversion Records.
With her background in classical violin, Fisher offers a distinctive approach with her piercing rock vocals, while Dickerson propels the sound with lead guitar and background vocals. Bandmates Kyle Edwards, John Allen, and Michael Ortiz also play a fundamental role in the group’s resonance with Guitar, Bass, and Drums, respectively.
The group has released three EPs, the latest being “In Memory,” which features their hit singles “You Are a Weight” and “Cruel.” Brite Winter is beyond excited for The Cordial Sins to grace its stage as part of the 2020 lineup!

Harbour - Cincinnati, OH
8:20 PM on The Adcom Stage Under the Bridge
Since their founding in early 2014, Harbour has consistently provided new and exciting Indie Pop to the Cincinnati music scene.
The group consists of Ryan Green on vocals/guitar, Ryan Sulken on the drums, and both Jarret Lewis and Marshall Sallee on guitar as well. The group draws much of its influence from bands such as COIN, Bad Suns, Kings of Leon, Colony House, Hippo Campus.

Some of Harbour’s accolades include winning The Underground's Battle of the Bands, showcasing at Bunbury Music Festival, performing at Cincinnati CityBeat's Best New Bands showcase at Bogarts, and performing an official showcase at CMJ Music Marathon in
New York.

Their newest album, “Thoughts on Letting Go,” is electrifying and perfectly in line with Brite Winter’s vision.

Emily Keener - Lakewood, OH
3:00 PM on McCarthy's Stage
Brite Winter is especially eager to welcome Emily Keener to its 2020 lineup this year. At the young age of eleven, Emily began singing covers and eventually creating her own original music.

She is now widely known from her appearance as a contestant on The Voice, where she made it to the top 12, and as the recipient of the 2017 No Depression Singer-Songwriter Award. Her performance of her hit singles, “I Know” and “Fire & Brimstone,” from her most recent album, “Breakfast,” captivated judges, thus earning her this high honor.

Right now, Emily Keener is focusing on recording new music and performing in the Cleveland area. In her upcoming album, “I Do Not Have To Be Good,” Keener will be expanding her artistic pallet by coupling deeply woven lyrics with her newfound voice, departing from her usual contained style.