Why is Winter So Tough

I was down at Winterfest this past weekend, doing a little Christmas shopping, and seeing the abundance of people and lights in public square. The whole scene was gorgeous. A couple pints of Christmas Ale on East 4th, a huge stage and people singing and dancing in holiday spirit, food trucks lining either side of Ontario, Jonathan sawyer serving cider out front of noodle cat... best of all, It was Saturday after Thanksgiving and it was clear skies in the mid 50's. It made me think, "Why is winter so tough?"

Last year we had put on the second Brite WInter Festival at Hart Crane memorial park in the flats, for months ahead of the festival I was expecting snow and dreaming of epic amounts of icy playful chaos. It didn't snow, it was cold but it just as easily could have been the same weather as this past weekend, 50's and gorgeous. That's actually what makes it difficult to plan the Brite Winter, or any winter programming really, the unpredictability of what it will be like outside from day to day. On average we can expect it to be somewhere in the low 30's at the end of february... but check out these record highs and lows

February 18th:
Record Low: -5 F
Record High: 62 F

Sure, according to the CIA world fact book we have more rainy/snowy days than Seattle and our average wind speed is higher than "The Windy City" ... but what makes it tough is the 70 F temperature range.

None the less, I'll be out and about this Winter. When you uncover fun places and stuff to do, please share it with the Brite Winter team by emailing britewinter@gmail.com  We'll do our best to share and post about the things people are doing to celebrate winter.