Roadmap to #Brite10: NEW to Brite

By: Isabelle Gustafson

Each year we love to shine a spotlight on bands that are new to the Brite Winter stage and amazingly, over half of our lineup hasn't played at Brite before. Discover their sounds on the #Brite10 Spotify Playlist and come out to see your favorites on Feburary 23. Here are a few of the bands we're excited to see:

Spirit of the Bear - Youngstown, OH

Spirit of the Bear is originally from Youngstown, OH but are now based in Columbus. The band formed in 2014, initially playing in churches, parking lots, and coffee shops because they were too young to go to bars.

With five members, including two keyboardists, their sound is indie rock that’s heavily influenced by electronic. They’ve performed all around Ohio and the Midwest, quickly making a name for themselves in the region.

They’ve released two full-length albums, “Remains” in 2016 and “Fade Into Blue” in 2017. They plan to release a new EP in 2019.

Honey and Blue - Columbus, OH

Honey and Blue have four members but are fronted by singer/songwriters Adam Darling and Stephanie Amber. The two voices perfectly complement one another to form a sound that’s a mix of pop, blues and soul.

Darling and Amber met while working at a restaurant in Los Angeles. They were both pursuing a career in music and immediately started collaborating. They performed all over LA before moving to Columbus to work on their first album.

Their much-anticipated second album, “All The Feels,” was released in 2017.

MellowXZACKT - Cleveland, OH

MellowXZACKT was born and raised in Cleveland. His sound explores hip-hop, funk, jam, and EDM while showcasing his creativity through lyrics. His single “Poptarts” is about the artist’s favorite comfort food. He dedicated the song to anyone who stress eats during hard times.

His latest EP, “The Wind,” was released in 2018.

He'll be closing out the night on the Ports Petroleum Stage —located inside Mulberry's — at 11:00 PM.

Uptight Sugar - Cleveland, OH

Five-member band Uptight Sugar began with singer/songwriter David Hamilton.

Throughout the years, Hamilton played with various musicians. In 2012, Adam Christian joined on bass along with Matt Vance on lead guitar. In 2013, the final pieces of the puzzle were added with Mike Murray on keys and guitar and Dan Jankowski on drums.

The band is known for its songwriting and its ability to combine rock ‘n’ roll, psychedelia, and electro-pop.

Uptight Sugar’s debut EP “Under Blue Light,” was released in January 2018. They plan to release more new music in 2019.

The Katy - Cleveland, OH

The Katy consists of Memphis-born singer and bassist Cathalyn Roberts, with Cleveland natives Ashanti Allison on drums and Eli Hanley on organ.

The trio formed in 2016. Their name is a nod to the famous Taj Mahal song, “She Caught The Katy,” which refers to the Missouri–Kansas–Texas railroad.

Their debut EP, “Collage,” is at once moody and catchy, perfectly melding indie sounds with a bluesy feel.

"Zombie" was released on Halloween in 2018. The song was written by Roberts as a lyrical exercise after she started watching "The Walking Dead.”