Brite Winter 2014 Line Ups Release


Brite WINTER Announces Over 70 Artists to Perform at 5th Annual Midwest Art & Music Showcase February 15, 2014, in Cleveland's Ohio City Market District.

CLEVELAND, Ohio (January 10, 2014) For the fifth consecutive year, Brite WINTER will gather emerging artists and musicians to take part in a free and open outdoor showcase in the middle of February. This unique festival operates under the mindset that the challenges of midwestern winters are an opportunity to create an outdoor festival experience unlike any other.

In 2014, Brite WINTER will feature over 70 artists on 4 outdoor and 6 indoor stages throughout Cleveland's Ohio City Market District, with the main festival grounds located in Market Square Park. Music is curated to feature top emerging artists from across North America, ranging in genre from indie alternative to folk, punk, rock, bluegrass, funk, electronic, and singer songwriter, with different stages designated for different styles of music. The festival includes creative light installations, food trucks, beer gardens, bonfires, games, and activities for people of all ages.

The 2014 music line-up is almost twice as large as 2013, reflecting Brite WINTER's growth in attendance and popularity. Each year Brite WINTER has consistently doubled in size, most recently hosting 48 showcasing artists and over 20,000 attendees on a snowy 19° evening in 2013. Festival attendees fall in love with the spirit and energy of Brite WINTER. With the variety, volume, and quality of the musical talent assembled, it's hard not to find something new that you'll love while huddled around an outdoor bonfire in the city.

Access to the festival grounds and entrance to all venues are free and open to the public (there's no need for a wristband or badge), but festival goers can support the festival on KICKSTARTER and earn a number of exclusive rewards. Must-have Kickstarter rewards include an in-depth festival program guide, Brite WINTER CD sampler, Brite WINTER mug, and even VIP access to the festival's Artist Lounge. A full list of rewards can be viewed at:

Brite WINTER is made possible by grants from Cuyahoga Arts and Culture and Neighborhood Connections, sponsorships, community partnerships, individual donors, Kickstarter backers, and a small army of die-hard Cleveland volunteers. Major sponsors for Brite WINTER are presenting stages and art installations on February 15th, 2014.


The Brite WINTER Stage at W. 26th St. and Market Ave. The Ohio City Stage @ Market Square Park The Great Lakes Brewing Stage @ the GLBC Tasting Room : Folk / Bluegrass The Chipotle Stage @ The Cleveland Hostel: Indie Rock The TownHall Stage @ The Town Hall Patio : Indie Electronic The Classic Mini Stage @ Market Ave. Wine bar : Singer Songwriter The Cleveland Clothing Stage @ The Loren Naji Gallery: Jam Funk Additional Stages at: Joy Machines Bike Shop, W 25th St. Pl, and Old Angle Tavern Outdoor stages feature music from 4-11pm. Indoor stages feature music from 4pm-1am.

Partnering Organizations for Major Art Installations include: Ohio City IncorporatedThe Cleveland Museum of Art Department of Community AffairsCleveland Institute of ArtGreater Cleveland Rapid Transit AuthorityVoss IndustriesMedical Mutual of Ohio, and RGI International


Air Traffic Controller - Coin - The Lighthouse & The Whaler - Hollis Brown - Herzog - Obnox - Texas Plant - Bars of Gold - Pleasure Leftists - Signals Midwest - Thaddeus Anna Greene - Keeps - Little Big League - Freeze-Tag - Rollergirl - Seasick Mama - Jonathan Harper Croh - Dolfish - Emma Shepherd - Let'em Run - Smooth Hound Smith - Silent Lions - Cruiser - Shivering Timbers - Nick D & The Believers - The Ridges - Seafair - Nick Tolford - Captain Kidd - Tinnarose - The Defibulators - Lulu Mae - Fever Fever - Night Sweats - Emily & The Complexes - Shale Satans - Fingers - Eddie Doldrum - Sidneyyork - Ages - Crash City - Dave Hammer's Power Supply - Wild Rompit - Rob Kovacs - Heart Attack Man - Vibe & Direct - Captain Ivory - Our Lady - Nomads - Friendly Faux - Jenna Fournier (of Nights) - Carrie Ryan - Green Gallows - Smug Saints - Sim Ross - Skirbe - Yosemight - Bombardier - Tree No Leaves - Caitlin Mahoney - Sweepyheads - Bella Ruse - Wolf Creek - We The People - Joshua Robert - Istvan Medgyesi

SUGGESTIONS FOR ENJOYING Brite WINTER: 1.) Dress Warmly. Wear long johns, mittens, hats, scarves, thermal socks, etc. It will be cold. 2.) Take The RTA. Parking is limited but RTA's trains and buses take you right to the heart of the festival. 3.) Be a Contributing Artist. Bring a lamp or light of any kind to add to THE GREAT WALL OF LIGHT, or grab a build-your-own-light kit from the Brite WINTER Kickstarter ( 4.) Drink Hot Beverages. Official hot beverage provider, Phoenix Coffee, will be on the ground to help you keep warm from the inside out. Brite WINTER 2014: Cleveland's 5th Annual Winter, Art, and Music Celebration. Brite WINTER festival takes place in the Ohio City Market District on Saturday, February 15th, 2014. Entrance is free and open to all with outdoor music and art showcases from 4pm to 11pm. The festival is run by Brite CLEVELAND, a rapidly growing arts & economic development non-profit organization, and is supported by in-kind donations and sponsorships from Cleveland businesses, organizations, universities, and individual donations.


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Press Inquiries Contact: Thomas Fox Director of Programming & Marketing (440) 941-6560 ###