2012 Site Maintenance

If you've visited BriteWINTERCLEVELAND.COM over the past few days you should have noticed extreme changes to the content as we're making updates for the 2012 festival in real time.  It hasn't been pretty, and even worse, we haven't disclosed any additional information about what new things Brite Winter will be bringing to battle the coming cold front.

As always, we have no idea what this 2011-2012 winter will have in store for us, but we do know it will be exciting.  We will be finishing up all of the current updates to the site and making our first public announcements about this year's festival this week. Expect to find out  Where  the festival will be located and  Who has already pledged support as a sponsor or community partner. Additional info will also be available for sponsors, volunteers, musicians and artists, just hold tight.

Cleveland Winter, bring it on.