Ohio City Inc Stage at Market Square Park
Performance Time: 5:30 pm **

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Hometown: Cleveland, OH

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Rock? Pop? Indie? When looking for words to describe Seafair’s sound, these are usually what come to mind.

Although, if you have seen Seafair live, the proper way to describe them is “exhilarating”.

The tale of Seafair begins in late 2010 as a small 3 piece with Vocalist/Keyboardist Chayla Hope, bass player Joshua Riehl. The newly formed Seafair started writing songs and made a demo of 4 songs and went searching for a drummer.

In the meantime, drummer Ryan Kelly was looking to start something new after the disbanding of Cleveland local favorites, Unsparing Sea. He searched high and low, sitting in with different friends and bands before seeing a craigslist ad from a band called Seafair. Ryan responded to the ad, and Seafair sent him the demos. Ryan was blown away by the sound of Chayla’s voice, and the fun sound that they had created. He met with the band, and they hit it off immediately. 4 different people with 4 very different musical backgrounds started to make music together.

After a couple months of writing and rehearsing, the band started to think the sound needed something extra, so Ryan recruited former Unsparing Sea band mate, a classically trained Cellist, Tara Hanish. The group was set, and something extraordinary was happening. Between the bellowing vocals, the driving rhythm section, the floating guitar riffs and the beauty of the cello overlapping, Seafairs sound was taking on a life of its own. A new sound mixing elements of Rock, Pop, Indie, and classical were fusing together.

Seafair played their first show in late 2011 to a sold out crowd at one of Cleveland’s most respected venues.

Shortly thereafter the band decided to broaden its sound a little more by adding Andrea Belding, a classically trained Violinist, and guitarist Michael Flaherty , a solo artist. With addition of Andrea and Mike, Seafair had their lineup set. The 2 new members brought the bands’ sound to another level. A bigger, louder sound.

The band has a sound only to their own. A live Seafair show is an experience, a party. Mixing elements of rock, pop, indie, punk, disco, some blues, and sprinkle a coat of classical on the top of it. Chayla Hope’s voice is one that will be remembered for years to come. Her lyrics are heartfelt and honest, and band can make you sing, dance, scream and rage all at the same time.

Seafair released their first EP “Paintings” in May 2013 to rave reviews, and are making a name for themselves around the Cleveland music scene. They are currently writing their 2nd EP for 2013 called “Photographs” which dropped in Nov. 2013.