Town Hall Stage
Performance Time: 6:00 pm
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Hometown: Cleveland, OH

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Formed in May of 2011 when the paths of Josh Martin, Adam Korbesmeyer, and Elijah Bisbee crossed with beautiful timing.

Martin and Korbesmeyer are band mates from “Ghost of a Stranger”

(Buffalo, NY). The musical bond already strong between the two, Bisbee was the new kid to the group. Bisbee had previously played as “bisbee.”

(Los Angeles CA). There was an instant connection with the three guys and it was inevitable that a new music venture would ensue; and NOMADS was born.

NOMADS, based out of Cleveland, Ohio, seeks to bring freshness to the local scene in ways that haven’t been seen before. NOMADS’s sound is one that relaxes, inspires, and motivates listeners. With solid drum parts,

stomach-dropping bass, and layered guitar sounds, NOMADS offers listeners an escape from everyday living.

On December 24, 2012 NOMADS released the debut album NOMADS for free from NOMADSCLEVELAND.COM. Within 30 days the album had been downloaded in 25+ countries, streamed 4,000+ times, and NOMADS was approached by multiple parties for licensing for indie films. To say that it’s been a humbling experience would be an understatement. NOMADS has done everything “DIY” and poured all their emotion into writing, recording, producing, promoting, booking, and networking; all on their own.

Josh Martin on drums,

Adam Korbesmeyer on bass, and

Elijah Bisbee on guitar,