Army of Infants

Stage: Chipotle Stage
Performance Time: 9:00 pm
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Hometown: Jamestown, OH

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“If you like rock, blues, doo-wop or, better yet, a combination of all three, then you’re in luck because the Dayton two-piece outfit Army of Infants will be coming out to blow your minds with some hard rock ‘n’ roll. They’ll make you feel like you’re back at a sloppy, seedy club show rocking your faces off the way rock intended.

Jacob Pflanzer pounds away at his drums while Jared Welch shreds on his guitar and delivers distorted vocals. It’s the stuff good ol’ rock shows are made of and the two pack more than enough bluesy punch that you’ll throw caution to the wind and probably knock over, or you know, throw a chair or two in the process.”

-ACRN-The Rock Lobster,Rachel Haas