Let’em Run

Great Lakes Tasting Room Stage
Performance Time: 4:30 pm
Bandcamp | Facebook
Hometown: Cleveland, OH

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“We just write pop-punk songs with bluegrass instruments.” claims Let’em Run’s mandolin player and singer, John Payne. “I’m not really sure how it happens… I just take my shirt off and all of a sudden there’s music!” Let’em Run is made up of five friends from Cleveland with members from bands like The Give and Go’s, Bears, and The Fucking Cops. Using the bluegrass sound as a medium (read: excuse) to write any kind of song, the members of Let’em Run ditched their amps and electric instruments for grandpas guitars made of hollow wood and hit the subterranean house party circuit. Their songs are simple, sometimes about girls, and almost always written in a major key. John continues, “Our only mission as a band is to surround bad vibes and force them to be good vibes.”