2018 Event Recap

Nine years ago, we set out on a journey to create an event that would get Clevelanders outside and enjoying our great city year round. We have had temperatures ranging from 8 to 69 degrees, snow and ice, sun and clouds. Each year, we plan for 40 degrees and raining—and this year, it finally happened. While our attendance went down as a result of this bad weather, our bands, artists, and crew handled everything like the enthusiastic professionals they are. And while we saw a decrease, we were still able to attract 12,500 attendees, to enjoy music, art, and each other’s company on February 24, 2018.
The board of Brite Cleveland is proud to lead this organization into our next festival, which will celebrate a full decade of bringing out the best regional musical and artistic talent in the middle of winter. We continue to work hard to represent the community we serve, provide opportunities for working artists and musicians, and grow more comfortable in our role as a unique arts non-profit leader in our city. Sun, snow, cold, or rain—we know Brite Winter will always have a forecast of being 100% chance of Cleveland. See you February 23, 2019, for Brite Winter’s 10th anniversary.