Interview: Wolf Creek

Emerging four piece Wolf Creek debuted in 2012 with the raw and rough cut A Collection of Seasons, a staggering mix of emotive and shouty melodics. Twenty-Three EP saw the folk-tinged edges of Seasons shed for mathy layers, finding duality in touches of post-rock ambiance and other times in starkness and minimalism.

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What’s been some of your most memorable gigs?

We probably most enjoy playing house venues because it’s so much more personal and everyone is there for the music. We played with a really great lineup at Now That’s Class featuring Saintseneca, The World is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die and Empire! Empire! I was a Lonely Estate around this time last year. That was a lot of fun.

What’s your favorite material to play live?

We only play original material live and my favorite is usually the one that we perform the best that night. That being said, I really enjoy rotating in new material and growing together as a group. It seems like with each new song that we write and arrange, we are more and more in sync with each other.

If you could play one place – your dream gig — where would it be?

There’s not a particular place that comes to mind, but it’s nice to play for people that know the music. I would like to go east to places like D.C. and Philadelphia.

Whenever the band gets together, what do you listen to that always makes its way back into rotation?

We all have fairly different tastes when it comes to our listening choices, but it seems like they converge on some older pop artists like Paul Simon. Sometimes we listen to silly pop songs from our childhood. Charlie and Eric both play with other bands (Runaway Brother and The Ground is Lava), and we enjoy those quite a bit as well.

Can you tell us more about your songwriting process?

I tend to write songs in one sitting in my garage with rhythm guitar and lyrics. Then I do some editing and finalize what I want the song to sound like. After that, I bring it to the rest of the guys and we make some edits and come up with parts for the other instruments.

What’s your dream collaboration?

I would really enjoy collaborating with Brian Warren from Weatherbox. They have been one of my favorite bands for years.

Brite takes place every winter. What’s your favorite thing about winter? Favorite outdoor winter activity? Favorite winter memory?

My favorite winter activity is Brite Winter. I am not so much a fan of winter, but I enjoy seeing the diversity between groups and the people that turn out.

What’s your favorite thing about Cleveland and playing here?

I like that the arts are being nurtured so well in Cleveland. It seems more and more small businesses are developing and it’s really exciting to see that happen. It’s also really great to see the support that small scale touring bands get.

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