Lowly The Tree Ghost

Chipotle Indoor Stage @ Room Service

Performance Time: 5:30 pm

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Hometown: Cleveland, OH

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“Lowly the Tree Ghost is a band that was brought together through the common idea of nourishing and creating music that embraces vivid imagery for its audience while establishing a sense of community.

The band’s varied musical backgrounds and tastes coalesce, creating a sound that cannot be carefully compartmentalized into one genre. They delicately traipse the folk-rock line and then in the next song, will be found leaning towards a pop or an indie sound.

Their subject matter is as varied as their influences—from the seen to unseen, to animal parades, to darker subjects like death and suicide, Lowly shows its range by never settling. The band is always striving for growth, each member always reaching higher, until they have become one of the forest’s giants.”