Interview: We The People

We The People began as a desire for an organ trio that wanted to play soul. In its current iteration, We The People exudes confidence, tightness, and swagger. All necessary elements of a rocking, funky, get-down dance band.

Combining the fun and funk of its heroes with the kind of electricity that can only happen when a band is feeling good and having fun, this four-piece band sounds bigger and better every show.

Aggressively funky. Dance-demanding. Foot-tapping. Electric.

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“Fun, funky, and happy – what better way to connect with your audience than dance with them?” – Joe Wheelock

What’s been one of your most memorable gigs?

Larchmere PorchFest! That neighborhood likes to party! And it’s truly an all-inclusive, everybody’s dancing kinda party. The hospitality and love the people of the Larchmere neighborhood show the artists is amazing – they let them into their homes! If you haven’t gone to Larchmere PorchFest, you should make it a “must go” event.

What’s your favorite material to play live?

I like making music that people dance to. Fun, funky, and happy – what better way to connect with your audience than dance with them?

If you could play one place – your dream gig — where would it be?

For now, Palace Theater at Playhouse Square to a packed house. Down the road, Radio City Music Hall!

Whenever the band gets together, what do you listen to that always makes its way back into rotation?

We kind of roll back to Led Zeppelin a lot. There’s a huge common influence denominator there. You never can go wrong with bombastic drums and incredible bass with searing guitar and wild vocals. We have fun imitating the live Robert Plant hand-motions.

Can you tell us more about your songwriting process?

There seems to have been two main ways we write songs – I bring a riff/idea in and then we build a song from it or we’re just jamming and then somebody pulls out their phone and hits “record” and then we take that riff or idea and build a song from that.

What’s your favorite thing about Cleveland?

I just went to a show at the Grog Shop in support of John Neely where Cobra Verde, This Moment In Black History, and Megachurch all played – it was here that I realized that not only are these bands comprised of friends and bandmates, BUT, this is a family. A really wild, screwed up, loving conglomeration of shared passion — expression, depth, heart, a communal hunger only music can satiate. And we do it together.

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