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A Look Back

2021 Lineup - TwiBrite

The Labra Brothers, Post Saga, Eliy Orko, Apostle Jones, 10K Movement, Gumbo Dance Party, The Scenic Route, LuvAbstract, King Buu, Shawn Brewster, Jason Patrick Meyers, Brent Kirby, The Morning Bird, The Katy, The Sugar Mules

2020 Lineup

Ra Ra Riot, Red Rose Panic, The Vindys, Harbour, Taj Weekes & Adowa, Uptight Sugar, Spirit of the Bear, Uptowne Buddha, Aphiniti, Sylmar, Smoke Screen, Honey and Blue, Jul Big Green, Aloof, Fubbs N' Chubbs, Mush, The Katy, Matt Moody, The Cordial Sins, Mooke Da God, Mimi Arden, Apostle Jones, Wave Magnetik, Bonnoe Clydeman, Mc Tae, Take Off Charlie., Diamond Kites, Cel, Cassidy King, Lux Terminus, Emily Keener, Jay Wells, Summer School, The Buffalo Ryders, Taylor Lamborn, Jen & Anthony, The Baker's Basement, Bitch Thunder!, Cleveland School of Rock, Beat Freak, DJ Red-I, Susie's Saturday Afternoon Kitchen Variety Show

2019 Lineup

Smallpools, Ezri, Mourning [A] BLKstar, The Vindys, Me Like Bees, Slow Caves, Uptowne Buddha, Ray Flanagan & The Authorities, Muamin Collective, Moonbeau, Tim Moon, Fresh Produce, Front Porch Lights, Shana Falana, Ledges, AJ & The Woods, Ottawa, Counterfeit Madison, Jazz Band Rejex From The School of Rock, Case Barge, Soleo, Melow Xzackt, Mikal Callow, Luv Abstract, Mimi Arden, Radattack, Parker Louis, Ashley Fulton, Honey and Blue, Red Rose Panic, No Alarms, Uptight Sugar, The Katy, Suitcase Runaway, Visual 9, Spirit of the Bear, Jordan Smart, Who Hit Me, Gold Rose, Dominique Larue

2018 Lineup

AJ and the Woods, Automatic Weapons, The Baker’s Basement, Bummed Out, Candi Fresca, Connections, Dark Water Rebellion, DJ ESO, The Dreemers, The Dropout, Falling Stars, FreshProduce., Fruit & Flowers, The Halamays, Heart & Lung, Hello Luna, Herzog, Holden Laurence, HR3 feat. Jul Big Green, Jack Fords, Jason Patrick Meyers, Key to the Mint, LEDGES, Luvabstract, Marcus Alan Ward, Matt Hectorne, Mich, Montezuma, Moonbeau, Mourning [A] BLKstar, Obnox, Poro, Public Squares, Punch Drunk Tagalongs, Ray Flanagan & The Authorities, Samfox, School of Rock, The Scuzzballs, Seafair, Shawn Brewster, Smoke Screen, The Sonder Bombs, Tom Adams & The Last Resort, The Whiskey Hollow

2017 Lineup

The Lighthouse and the Whaler, The Mordern Electric, Ottawa, Wesley Bright & the Honeytones, Archie Green with Uptowne Buddha, Signals Midwest, Runaway Brother, Morgany Mecaskey, So Long, Albatross, Mourning [A] Blkstar, By Light We Loom, Tim Moon, Midnight Passenger, Walker OG, Ex-Astronaut, The Whiskey Hollow, Ageless Males, Extra Medium Pony, Forest & the Evergreens, Muamin Collective, Throw Shade, The Ohio Weather Ban, Shawn and Shelby, Montage, St. Lenox, Jul Big Green, Chris Milam, Brent Kirby & His Luck, Megan Zurkey, Punch Drunk Tagalongs, Doc Robinson, Brugas Del Sol, The Village Bicycle, School of Rock, Holden Laurence, Austin Stambaugh, Bro Dylan, Front Porch Lights, These Violent Young Lovers

2016 Lineup

The Mowgli's, Seafair, Ohio Sky, Nick D' & The Believers, Nonaphoenix, Honeybucket, Thaddeus Anna Greene, Ottawa, Fresh Produce., Kid Runner, Teddy Boys, Marcus Alan Ward, Chomp, Cities & Coasts, Brent Kirby & His Luck, Common Ave., Ageless Males, Bummed Out, By Light We Loom, Playing to Vapors, Archie Green, Megan Zurkey, Shivering Timbers, Corduroy Season, Top Hat Black, Poro, So Long, Albatross, Erienauts, Brave Bones, Maura Rogers & The Bellows, Istvan Medgyesi, Rock Apocalypse from The School of Rock, Shawn and Shelby, Jivviden, The Red Western

2015 Lineup

Maps & Atlases, Welshly Arms, Sun Club, The Modern Electric, These Knees, The Commonwealth, Honeybucket, Nowhere, Matt Hectorne, Midnight Passenger, Muamin Collective, By Light We Loom, Truslow, Morgan MeCaskey, Uno Lady, Forest City, Sammy Slims, Smoke Noises, John Kalman, So Long, Albatross, Ottawa, Nonaphoenix, Fimlstrip, Cities & Coasts, Ragers, Tom Evanchuck, Roses, Brian Straw, Joshua Jetsy, Dead Leaves, Ashley Brooke Toussant, Archie Green, Ageless Males, Quickening, Brujas Del Sol, Lawskof, Fake Species, Public Squares, Item, Megan Zurkey, New Planet Trampoline, Small Wood House, Stems, Johnny Larock, Joey Beltram, Charles Hill Jr., The Sleeps, Rhodamine, James Douglas, Top Hat Black, Golden Streets of Paradise, Noon, Gentlemen of Leisure, Istvan Medgyesi, Holden Lawrence, Banging Fragiles, Brandon Lichtinger, Miss Alexandra Huntington

2014 Lineup

Air Traffic Controller, The Lighthouse and The Whaler, COIN, The Defibulators, Nick D & The Believers, Captain Kidd, Cruiser, Istvan Medgyesi, Hollis Brown, Herzog, Nick Tolford & Co., Texas Plant, Seafair, The Admirables, Freeze-tag, Roller Girl, Keeps, Silent Lions, Sidney York, She Bears, NOMADS, Tree No Leaves, Bella Ruse, The Ridges, Smooth Hound Smith, Shivering Timbers, Humble Home, Lulu Mae, Let em Run, OBNOX, Army of Infants, Pleasure Leftists, Night Sweats, Friendly Faux, The Public, Sweepyheads, Fever Fever, Jonathan Harper Kroh, Emma Shepard, Dolfish, Rob Kovacs, Jenna Fournier (of Nights), Carrie Ryan, Joshua Robert, Matt Moore, Bars Of Gold, Signals Midwest, Little Big League, Runaway Brother, Heart Attack Man, Envoi, Bombardier, Our Lady, Killing Thing, Church Camp, Wolf Creek, Exo 4, Thaddeus Anna Greene, Seasick Mama, The Commonwealth, Wild Rompit, Vibe & Direct, Captain Ivory, yosemight, The Lake Effect, We The People, Emily & The Complexes, Shale Satans, Fingers, Eddie Doldrum, Lowly, The Tree Ghost, Caitlin Mahoney, Sim Ross, Xe La Sol, The Green Gallows, Skribe, Window Kits, Smug Saints

2013 Lineup

The Floorwalkers, Lost Jon & the Ghosts, Misty Gonzales, Thaddeus Anna Greene, Lucy Stone, Total Babes, Annabel, Dowsing, Reverse The Curse, Dead Sweaters, Muscle & Bone, Cherry Cola Champions, Beach Stav, Maza Blaska, TEEN, Suns, Bears of Blue River, Chris Black, Bethesda, Army of Infants, Bonesetters, Seafair, Alert New London, Regular Shoulders, Matt Hectorne & The Family Tree, Saintseneca, Ashley Brooke Toussant, Jeremiah Webb, Sam Brenner, Istvan Medgysi, Hugo, Melissa Olson, Restorations, Tin Armor, Two Hand Fools, Worlds Scariest Police Chases, Worship This, My Mouth Is The Speaker, Signals Midwest, En Garde, Perfect Future, Tracy Morgan Freeman, Meridian, Tom Evanchuck, Honeybucket, Old Boy, Unraveler, Shisho

2012 Lineup

Bad Veins, Tom Evanchuck & The Old Money, Lighthouse & The Whaler, Black Taxi, Bethesda, Modern Electric, American War, Two Hand Fools, Thaddeus Greene, Humble Home, Leah Lou & The Two Left Shoes, Reverse The Curse, The Womack Family Band, Cherry Cola Champions, Filmstrip, The Black Shades, Shred Rot, Honey Bucket, Chris Black, Jack & The Bear, Rob Kovacs, Sam Brenner, Lost Jon & The Ghosts, Northwestern, Shouting Thomas Torment, Nathan Sloan, DJ ESO, Istvan Medgyesi, Esquire Mackentyre, DJ Self Help, Polina Kourakina, Nova The Rebel, 3sb, These Knees, Justin Markert, Freeze-Tag

2011 Lineup

Modern Electric, Living Stereo, The Wheel, SunSpots, Martin and Marshall, Tim Matson, Amy Fishbach, Istvan Medgyesi, Cool Matt, Presque Vu, The Undercurrents

2010 Lineup

This Moment in Black History, the Uncanny Xe La and the Hot Rails