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2018 Art at Brite

Join Fluri on an Intergalactic Adventure built collaboratively by the Brite Young Things listed below, plus additional crew: Amnea Abu-Saleh, Moy Aguirre Nathan Clark, Matt Hummel, John Kasunich, Chris Phillip, Andrew Kaletta & Bob McNulty, Assistant Art Directors, Emily Appelbaum, Art Director. With support from Ingenuity Cleveland’s Ingeneers and dozens of amazing volunteers.

Vulcan Marsa Heated Tent

A red planet of sand, steam vents, and signals of travelers long since disappeared. Led by Dan Cook, Andrew Kaletta & Brandi McCormick. With Justin Hartman, The Debt Collector, ADAB, Marc Lansley, Ultimate Team-Up, Scare Your Soul. Open until 1 am!

Cryopoeia Heated Tent

A cold crystal outpost on the cosmic edge boasting hot chocolate and the even hotter Dark Matter DiscoTech. Led by Minh Vannuyen & Colleen Allison. With Ninja TV, Skuda Production, Drescoshec, TMStylehouse, DJJD. Open until 11 pm!

Vinus Venutia Heated Tent

Home to monstrous plants, bubbling mudpits, and a throbbing jungle boogie. Led by Bex Moss & Moy Aguirre. With DJ Naeno, Jae Andres & friends. Open until 11 pm!

Irth at Mulberry’s

Featuring the Frosty Fête Planetary Bazaar, both outta this world and faintly familiar. With Makers Alliance, Rust Belt Monster Collective and Zumba with Jazmín LaTorres at 4 pm! Open until 1 am!


Shine by Dave Biro & Jason Pappas, Spacecraft C.Tharsis and Escape Pods by Metal Yellow Studios, Walker by Joe Feighan, Four Season Forts and New Winter Traditions by MOOS, a program of the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative, Cuddle Huts by Robin Heinrich in partnership with Cleveland Museum of Art.

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“Brite Winter is a big bridge that connects us all. No matter what your art discipline, the message is clear: below zero temperatures will not stop you from having fun outdoors.”

—Hector Castellanos-Lara

Get Involved

Join us for our Community Artist Workshops to get crafty Thursdays from 5:30-8:00 pm and Saturdays from 1:30-5:30 pm at 5401 Hamilton Avenue To participate as part of the art crew of volunteers, as a workshop leader, as an art fabricator, or as an art grantee, click the link below to learn more.