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The Katy

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The sound of The Katy, the indie trio fronted by Memphis-born songwriter, vocalist and bassist Cathalyn and featuring Cleveland natives Ashanti Allison (drums) and Eli Hanley (keyboards), is ever-evolving; an earnest, genuine blend of its influences strained and sifted through the trials of life and rooted in trust and love.

The Katy’s music just feels good. From the energetic melodies and pulsing, driven tempos to the purposeful lyrics addressing inequality, relationships, adoration and struggle, The Katy changes sonic shapes that evoke both reflection and chills in the listener.

Forming in Summer 2016, their loose, free style of play showcases the growth that comes when talented musicians spend hundreds of hours listening to each other to gel and find their sound. Together, their style is from the past and the future, right in the here and now.

With influences spanning the musical timeline and the breadth of American and international music, their final product is a signature expression of sounds from afrobeat to punk to hip hop.

Bands in the Cleveland music scene normally fall fate to comparison with other groups, but The Katy stands alone. Indie fans love them. Soul fans can’t get enough. Anyone who loves music with a lot of heart should make it a point to catch The Katy.