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The Scenic Route

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The Scenic Route is a five piece, female fronted rock band from Canton, Ohio. The band was founded in 2011 by lead vocalist, Rachel Crozier. For the past 10 years, the band has worked hard to build a name in the vibrant NE Ohio music scene. The Scenic Route's ultimate goal is to be a group of artists that matter on the national level.

The band's original music is rock flavored with elements of pop, funk, R&B and blues to create something truly unique. Their newest single, “Howl,” dropped in October 2020, and is a milestone for the band as a more mature, modern sound.

The Scenic Route plays live extensively (over 500 shows in the last 8 years). They are currently one of the most popular live bands in NE Ohio, but they also play as far east as Pittsburgh and the Baltimore/DC area, and as far west as Detroit and Indianapolis. Their live show is an awesome mix of high energy and excellent musicianship. The band also plays as an acoustic duo or trio at smaller venues.
Currently, live performances are limited due to Covid, so the band is constantly writing and recording new material, and focusing their energy on streaming and other online outlets. The band is also invested in the community, lending their talents to causes such as gender equality and empowerment, arts education, and animal rights. The Scenic Route's blue collar work ethic and passion for music keep them moving towards a bright future.