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Eliy Orcko

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Born in a small town west of Cleveland Eliy Orcko started his career in music in the South Florida's Punk/hardcore scene. In recent year's his sound has evolved and leaded it's self to his roots in Hiphop. Eliy’s music is a melting pot of Hiphop, Soul, Jazz, Indie, Punk, and Folk pulling from influences like Mos Def to Bon Iver, Jeff Rosenstock, Kid Cudi, The Ink Spots, Kanye West and BloodStone. Allot of vocal melodies shine in Eliy’s music that gives him a different sound than most artist in the “Hiphop” genre, really giving him a sound of his own to hone in on. Eliy is a very versatile creative with allot of content, and willingness to explore new sounds & mediums to grow and develop as an over all artist.