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Post Saga

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Post Saga was founded with the very roots that define its sound – funk, pop, jazz, and rock & roll. The band combined their indulgences in lavish instrumentation and high energy music while maintaining a catchy commercial appeal. Influences range from dynamic funk-jazz acts like Snarky Puppy to the poppy soulful stylings of Amy Winehouse, apparent in the vocal approach of lead vocalist Danna O’Connor. As for the rest of the collective, they hold their own, creating grooves and instrumentation that are tasteful yet not excessive. Playing out since early 2018, Post Saga has covered a lot of ground in the Akron/Cleveland area performing in venues like Musica, Mahall’s, and Coda. Post Saga has also opened up for artists such as Bad Bad Hats and Grayling during their national tours. They hope to expand their reach outwards to nearby bigger cities like Columbus and Pittsburgh, as well as grow presence in Cleveland.