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C-level is a high-energy three-piece band with a unique blend of funk, punk, reggae, bluegrass and rock. Their exhilarating sound is driven by the philosophy "Honest Self-Expression is the Path to Good Music" (George F. Hartwig), and that only through music can we surround hate and force it to surrender to the reality of love.

C-level began when Dave (Ziggy) Deitke (guitar, throat) met Coda Crose (bass) at an open mic night in North Olmsted. Upon playing together the two found a sweet sound that could only be produced by their musical union and shared passion for the melding of many diverse musical styles. The two then began to play in various projects around North Ridgeville and Olmsted. One of them being Aberration which featured Dave and Coda both on bass and guitar, periodically during their sets they would switch instruments. Since 2011 C-Level has been actively playing and recording. C-Level has played everything from house shows, music festivals such as Nelson Ledge’s Winter thaw bash( headlined) Mid-summer samba, Tribal connection, to multiple Cumulus Entertainment raves. C-Level consistently continues to play in all of these types of venues.

Throughout their journey C-Level has gone through a few lineup change as well as gaining a few new members, continually changing and adding a new dynamic. C-Level is Dave Ziggy Deitke, Coda Crose, Pat Boland.