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Spirit of the Bear

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Originally from Youngstown, Ohio, but now located in Columbus, Spirit of the Bear launched themselves quickly into the local spotlight after forming when they met in high school. Their sound, a unique blend of indie rock and electronic influences, is prevalent throughout their recordings and live performances, and this element makes Spirit of the Bear one of the most exciting rock acts around today.

The band consists of James Harker (guitar, vocals), Danny Svenson (keys, electronics), Ethan Schwendeman (keys), Mike Perorazio (Bass) and Jamie Vitullo (drums, percussion). The group's versatility and wide breadth of musical background make for a sound that is original and complex, while still relatable to its audience. Their last full length album, 2017's 'Fade Into Blue', took the band into the regional spotlight and led them to play in several new cities, such as Philadelphia, Chicago, Minneapolis, and several others. Their forthcoming album will be released in the summer of 2020.